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World Braille Day

Every year since 2019, January 4th is celebrated as World Braille Day to raise and spread awareness on Braille and its importance as a means of communication for millions of people across the world. The date is chosen to commemorate Louis Braille, who invented Braille, and was born on January 4th, 1809.

The Braille system is a tactile representation of symbols used for a range of purposes within writing, including alphabetical, numerical, musical notation, mathematical, and scientific. Each symbol consists of a combination of one to six raised dots arranged in a cell.

The sentence "World Braille Day" in Braille

World Braille Day raises awareness on the importance of the Braille system in education, communication, and social inclusion. More than 200 years ago, Louis Braille developed a tool that has helped so many people over the years by giving them a means of communication that supports independence and self-sufficiency. With our service SensusAccess we aim to do the same for students with disabilities.

Happy World Braille Day and Happy Birthday to Louis Braille!