SensusAccess is being monitored 24/7 and can be expected to be available at all times and from all locations. Please contact Sensus at if you experience slow response times, browser compatibility issues or similar technical issues. The email account is monitored and you should expect a reply within 8 hours, but likely sooner. Please also consult the section on Frequently Asked Questions in the resources section of this site and make sure to check the service operation status below.

Note: Sometimes security settings are changed at your institution and mail to and from Sensus is being blocked. In case you are unable to send and/or receive email to and from Sensus’ email domains (,,, you may contact Sensus support via or by texting to +45 40 32 68 23.

Support Services Policy

Please note that new policies regarding management of cookies require interfaces such as the SensusAccess web form to run in secure mode (i.e., using https:// rather than http://). Please contact Sensus at if you encounter any problems using the SensusAccess form, such as not being able to proceed after having uploaded a document. Although SensusAccess does not collect user information, cookies are used to manage sessions.

Support from Sensus is provided to ensure that institutional clients get the most out of their subscription to SensusAccess. Institutional clients are expected to provide first-line support to their own end-users. Sensus provides support to institutional clients and – upon request – directly to end-users. Sensus recommends that institutional clients establish a point of contact to which support queries can be directed.

Students, staff, faculty, alumni and others with access to an institutional version of SensusAccess may also contact Sensus Support directly at to request support and advise in case of issues such as but not limited to:

  • Conversion of documents into formats with strict semantic requirements, e.g., EPUB3 with media overlay and DAISY.
  • Conversion of unsupported document types.
  • Upload of very large files.
  • Removel of watermarks or other unwanted elements in documents.
  • Conversion of documents that have been protected within the legal boundaries of the copyright legislation.
  • Replies from the service that are caught by spam filtres and/or end up in junkmail folders.
  • How various alternate formats may be used by users with different disabilities.
  • Suitable e-book readers, DAISY players and other digital reading platforms.
  • How to create accessible documents.
  • The different interfaces to SensusAccess.

Support is covered by the annual subscription fee and is provided at no additional cost.

Current status

All services are normal.

Scheduled maintenance