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SensusAccess Accessibility Policy

Sensus is committed to provide solutions in full compliance with the generally accepted principles of accessible design. This commitment embraces all systems and deliverables from Sensus, including desktop applications, web services, mobile applications, and documentation in digital format.

The SensusAccess service is being developed and maintained in accordance with the international guidelines for accessible web design, ISO/W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). Sensus endeavours to maintain an accessibility level of all interfaces in accordance with the latest version of the WCAG specification, currently 2.1 at AA level.

SensusAccess can be accessed and used by users with or without special needs, including users with assistive technology.

In the unlikely event of encountering accessibility issues, please contact us with details of the issue and a description of how the issue may be reproduced. Sensus will take immediate action and rectify any breaches in relation to the accessibility guidelines.